April Masini

Corporate Relationship Expert

Corporate Relationship Expert

In September 2016, April was invited by TD Bank to analyze their 2016 TD Bank Love and Money Survey and report on those findings in various media interviews. Subsequently, April was hired to serve as a media strategist and participant in TD Bank and GoBankingRate.com sponsored Live Twitter chats, and to work closely with TD Bank as a spokesperson for press interviews related to financial issues that impact relationships, as well as to give advice on how to best cope with those problems, as the Relationship Expert & Consultant to TD Bank for it’s 2016 Love and Money Survey Campaign.

In 2007, Procter & Gamble’s Old Spice hired April as the Dating and Relationship Editor for its “Voice of Experience” campaign, announcing that “Nationally recognized relationship expert and author April Masini––featured everywhere from Maxim to The New York Times––will give the female perspective on what guys need to have a dating streak to be envied.”

Political Advocate

April helped draft two critical pieces of film industry-related legislation: SB1958 for “The Miss Universe Pageant”, and HB2960 for “Baywatch, and then successfully lobbied to secure their passage. April was credited by Hawaii’s then-Governor Ben Cayetano, in Imi Loa Magazine, with “almost single-handedly reviving Hawaii’s television and film industry”. 

Entertainment Executive, TV & Film Producer

April started a fascinating career in front of the camera as a model and actress, but before long, she wound her way behind the scene — and up the ranks to entertainment executive, and for over eight years, President of Al Masini Productions, where she raised tens of millions of dollars financing internationally recognized TV and feature film productions, including “Baywatch,” “Blue Crush,” and “Miss Universe Pageant.”

Author & Columnist

April Masini is a #FitOver40 fitness advocate and America’s foremost dating and relationship advice and etiquette expert, as well as the author of four relationship advice books. A preferred go-to source on a wide range of issues for the world’s most prominent news outlets, April is regularly quoted in USA Today, ABC Entertainment News, MSN, Yahoo!, CNN, FOX News, CBS News, Univision, Telemundo, US News & World Report, 

Etiquette Expert

As a natural offshoot of relationship advising, Masini became an etiquette expert because of her ability to articulate and demystify the organic motivations behind manners. The Wall Street Journal named April its dating etiquette expert and invited her to be a guest on The Wall Street Journal podcast: ‘Do Men Still Pay On The First Date Date’?